Horrors of Noise Control

24th October 2022

Horrors of Noise Control

Wakefield Acoustics

Author: Wakefield Acoustics – Noise Control Specialists | Last Updated: April 2023

Horrors of Noise Control

As Halloween approaches, and our children dress up as witches and ghosts, we started to think about some of the ‘horrors’ we have seen over the years. If you excuse the tenuous link, the ‘horrors’ we see on a regular basis relate more to the distressing environments that people are subject to whilst at work and conditions that neighbours experience in relation to noise emissions.

Environmental noise can be thought of as a bit of an inconvenience at best. In our time serving the industry, we have attended many sites and properties where noise has been classed as completely unacceptable, only to measure the levels and the sound meter can barely pick up a reading! On the other extreme are those cases where noise and vibration can literally be a horror story, causing lack of sleep, depression and anxiety for sufferers.

A Real-Life Horror Story (With a Positive Outcome!)

In one such case, we recall a resident telling us how he had suffered for years from excessive noise from a water treatment plant. Given the use of the site, this was in operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and as you can imagine, when noise levels drop during late night hours, the sound could travel for miles. The noise was a continual tone, and in summer months, bedroom windows opened for ventilation meant that the poor occupants could not get any sleep. The situation escalated to local councillors in order to progress a solution.

The end to the tale is that Wakefield Acoustics were called in to assess the noise, and not only that, to use our years of experience to diagnose the problem and implement a solution, which in this case was a simple in-line attenuator and acoustic louvre. We were happy to have been able to resolve the issue and improve the working and living conditions of the individual involved.

We think of ourselves as the ‘Ghostbusters’ of the noise control industry. So, this Halloween, if you have a noise problem, YOU KNOW WHO TO CALL…….

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