September – a Fresh Start?

27th September 2022

September – a Fresh Start?

Wakefield Acoustics

Author: Wakefield Acoustics – Noise Control Specialists | Last Updated: April 2023

September – a Fresh Start?

Now we have all packed away our sunglasses and sun cream for another year, our children return to school and politicians return after summer recess, many people like to think of September as a fresh start. What is different this year is that we also start September with a new Prime Minister, but what will this mean for businesses in the manufacturing sector such as Wakefield Acoustics?

The main two concerns in the UK economy at the moment are the cost of living crisis, and the energy crisis, which affects individuals and businesses alike. Despite the recently introduced price caps, energy costs for manufacturers like Wakefield Acoustics can mount up when you take into account power and gas requirements for machinery such as laser machines and welding plants, alongside the heating of a large workplace over the winter months. This said, we are fortunate compared to some industries, that energy does not account for a significant proportion of our production cost, though what the knock-on effects will be through our supply chain are unknown at this stage – after all, a lot of energy goes into the steelmaking process!

On top of the current levels of inflation, we have heard talk of recession which brings a level of uncertainty to the overall economy. Liz Truss and her cabinet certainly have their work cut out in the coming months.

However, with orders booked well into 2023, and the factory as full as ever with acoustic containers, enclosures and attenuator products, Wakefield Acoustics is in a position where we have a high level of work in front of us, and are experiencing a time of rapid growth. This brings a level of optimism and stability to our workforce, in these otherwise uncertain times.

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