Soundless Power Generation: Noise Control for CHP (Energy Management)

28th January 2020


In case you missed it, we were featured in the Winter issue of Energy Management – the essential industry magazine for professionals tasked with modifying their energy management practices.

In the article, John Hargreaves, technical sales manager at Wakefield Acoustics, explains that although Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems provide a host of benefits, they can also produce high noise emissions, meaning organisations wishing to install them must also consider noise control in order to comply with strict regulations.

As the UK’s market leader in the manufacture of leading-edge industrialcommercial and environmental noise control systems, we have extensive experience of mitigating noise emissions from CHP and power plant – particularly for de-centralised energy applications.

In Energy Management, John explores some of the critical factors to consider when designing and installing advanced noise control solutions for on-site power generation systems.