Acoustic Screens

Wakefield Acoustics recognises that it is not always feasible or practical to fully enclose noise sources, and that sometimes the only option is to erect an acoustic screen to prevent the transmission of noise. Wakefield Acoustics designs, manufactures and installs a wide range of acoustic screens, and works closely with OEM’s, end users, contractors and consultants to address complex noise problems across a wide range of industries. Each acoustic screen is cost-effectively designed to meet the most demanding of customer noise specifications.

Wakefield Acoustic offers several type of screen construction dependant on application and structural requirements, from modular panel to panel bolted constructions through to intermediate panels mounted in a bolted framework. Below are some of the optional features of our screens, and a more detailed specification is included in the downloadable product datasheet.

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Various finishes include:

  • Pre-galvanised mild steel self colour
  • Stainless steel self colour
  • Polyester powder coated
  • Wet paint systems
  • Plastic coated steel


  • Hinged and lift-off access panels
  • Glazed viewing panels
  • Fan assisted ventilation systems
  • Single and double leaf, hinged and sliding doors for personnel access

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