Acoustic Containers

Wakefield Acoustics manufacture bespoke and semi-standard acoustically insulated containers for a range of industrial noise control applications. Whether the requirements are a CHP acoustic container or gas/diesel generator acoustic container, our units are designed with structural baseplate, insulated external panels and roof, and integrated ventilation systems. Lifting lugs are tested and certified to allow safe lifting complete with housed plant and equipment.

The load-bearing roof of our containers can be designed to support equipment including exhaust silencers, heat exchangers and other equipment as required.

The outer walls and roof of the containers are specifically designed to achieve project acoustic requirements. Where low noise levels are required, ratings down to 60dBA can typically be achieved with enhanced acoustic treatment, including lined base sections.

Ventilation for industrial acoustic containers can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with roof-mounted penthouses, separate inlet ventilation pods, and standard attenuator units, all of which can be incorporated into the design.

Generator Acoustic Containers

Maintenance facilities within a generator acoustic container can include fully tested and certified lifting beams, removable end walls or ventilation modules for major plant removal, along with double leaf access doors positioned to suit.

Wakefield Acoustics are also able to design and manufacture switchgear acoustic containers and UPS acoustic containers.

Where required, lighting, small power and fire and gas detection equipment can be installed in our works, saving vital time on site.

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Key Optional Features include:

  • Flat or profiled external wall profile (size and specification dependent)
    Separate control room
  • Welded flange connection points for external services
    Internal lighting and small power
  • Fire and Gas detection system installation
  • Ventilation systems can be provided complete with filtration, motorised / gravity dampers and weather louvres where specified by the client
  • Integral lifting beams for plant maintenance, complete with certification
  • Mounting points and brackets for roof-mounted equipment, handrailing and access equipment

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