Acoustic Blankets & Materials

In addition to our wide range of acoustic products, Wakefield Acoustics also supplies a range of acoustic blankets. Acoustic sound blankets offer a flexible solution, allowing easy removal for access to equipment and can be fitted with Velcro strips or eyelets to allow the formation of full acoustic jackets.

What are Acoustic Blankets?

Acoustic blankets are typically used as a wrap-around solution to reduce noise from fixed plant machinery including pumps and fans.

Our range of materials includes various types of acoustic foam and damping sheets, along with composite products which are used to create acoustic ‘blankets’ where a minimal reduction is required from industrial machinery.

How do Acoustic Blankets work?

Acoustic blankets typically comprise a mass barrier core and acoustically absorbent insulation, which are stitched into a flexible outer PVC coated polyester sheet. 

When fitted directly around equipment, acoustic blankets offer a lower level of noise reduction compared to a fixed panel acoustic enclosure, though blankets are relatively lightweight and offer a flexible alternative where minimal noise reductions only are required.

Acoustic blankets for machines offer a custom solution to wrap around complex shapes such as pumps, machinery and fans.

Industrial Sound Blankets

Industries using acoustic blankets:

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Typical applications for these types of products usually involve:

  • The reduction of noise breakout from machinery and pipework where the performances required do not dictate use of a panelled enclosure system.
  • The introduction of acoustic absorption into highly reverberant areas where it is not practical or feasible to treat the noise at source. Such inclusions if carefully and correctly designed can effectively reduce the noise levels by several decibels.

Types of materials that we can provide are listed below:

    • Acoustic blankets
    • Pipe and duct lagging
    • Industrial wall lining
    • Acoustic Foams

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