Acoustic Louvres

Wakefield Acoustics have been one of the UK’s most trusted and experienced acoustic louvre suppliers since 1980. We work closely with end users, contractors and consultants to address acoustic issues across a wide range of industries. Our cost-effective range of acoustic louvres have been installed worldwide, effectively minimising noise from externally mounted plant equipment and ventilation systems.

Acoustic Louvres can be manufactured from a variety of materials including pre-galvanised sheet steel, pre-coated/coloured steel and stainless steel.

Acoustic Ventilation Louvres

Acoustic louvres are a great solution for reducing noise from ventilation systems in buildings and process equipment. They not only provide weather protection but also effectively reduce noise levels. These louvres can also be used as barriers or enclosures around plant items that require high airflow while minimising noise.

A typical usage for ventilation louvres would be to help reduce factory noise.

External Louvre Panels

We design and supply acoustic external louvre panels to suit any size opening, with larger items normally supplied in modular form for assembly on site.

Large acoustic louvre banks, fully integrated support steelwork systems can also be provided, designed to withstand wind loads.

Acoustic Louvre Screens

Many developments include plant screens to provide visual and noise reduction. An acoustic louvre screen reduces noise through the acoustically insulated blades whilst allowing airflow to plant items

In order to ensure a quality installation and to guarantee noise reductions, our range of acoustic louvres has been independently tested by Salford University to BS ISO 10140-2:2010.

Acoustic Louvre Options

Louvres can be supplied with a variety of manufacture options to suit specific requirements including:


Formed from welded mesh fitted to the rear of the louvre module. As a standard, the guard would be securely mounted to the louvre cassette, though can be removable where required.

External flashing (normally supplied loose)

Folded sheet metal facing ‘flange’/flashing to provide masking of an aperture around the perimeter of the louvre. Flashing finished to suit main louvre.

Mounting frames/secondary support steelwork

A variety of support frames are available where building facades are unable to support the imposed weight of an acoustic louvre.


Louvred doorsets are manufactured with louvre cartridges mounted into a steel hollow section framework for stability and integrity. Standard doorsets are supplied with a peripheral frame for fitting into a builders work opening, complete with butt hinges, a D-handle and deadlock with internal thumbturn.

Industrial/Heavy Duty

To suit demanding industrial applications louvre modules can be fabricated as full welded units for increased durability.

Penthouse Louvres

Penthouse louvres are supplied with integral support steel framework, corner flashings and pitched roof. Depending upon size, penthouse arrangements can be supplied in a single factory-assembled section for ease of installation.

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Various acoustic louvre finishes:

  • Pre-galvanised mild steel self colour
  • Stainless steel self colour
  • Polyester powder coated
  • Wet paint systems
  • Plastic coated steel
  • Semi-aerofoil blades designed to reduce pressure loss through louvres.
  • Louvre blades manufactured with integral folded rain lip.
  • Pre-galvanised or stainless steel bird mesh guards
  • What is an acoustic Louvre?

    An acoustic louvre screen reduces noise by diverting plant and generator sound away from noise-sensitive areas.

  • How do acoustic louvres work?

    Acoustic louvres, typically made of sheet metal like pre-galvanised steel, have blades filled with sound-absorbing fibre acoustic insulation. Positioned at angles, they prevent noise transmission from the source to sensitive areas, effectively reducing the overall noise level.

  • What are acoustic louvres constructed from?

    Our acoustic louvres have a series of blades formed with a steel upper skin, and perforated layer to the underside. The blades are arranged horizontally with a 150mm pitch, filled with dense mineral fibre acoustic insulation. The blades also have an integrated rain lip for weather protection.

    The acoustic insulation material is odourless, rot-proof, non-hygroscopic, does not sustain vermin and will not encourage the growth of fungi, mould or bacteria. In cases where the products are used outside, or subject to high levels of moisture, the acoustic media can be further wrapped in an acoustically transparent polyester film.

  • What is the difference between acoustic louvres and dampers?

    An acoustic louvre reduces airborne noise, while an acoustic damper suppresses structure-borne noise caused by vibrations or mechanical sources.

  • What are the different types of acoustic louvers?

    Louvres can be supplied with a variety of options including Birdguard, Industrial, External flashing, Folded sheet metal facing flange/ flashing, Mounting frames, louvred door sets and Penthouse in various finishes:

    • Pre-galvanised mild steel
    • Stainless steel
    • Polyester powder coated
    • Wet paint systems
    • Plastic coated steel

  • Are extruded aluminium louvres soundproof?

    Aluminium weather louvres are not designed for noise reduction as they do not contain acoustically absorbent/noise reducing materials.

    The design of extruded aluminium louvres is primarily for airflow and weathering capabilities, and the lack of acoustic materials lets sound pass through easily, reducing their soundproofing ability.

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