A Career in Acoustics

23rd August 2022

A Career in Acoustics

Wakefield Acoustics

Author: Wakefield Acoustics – Noise Control Specialists | Last Updated: April 2023

A Career in Acoustics

The acoustics industry is one that is growing year by year due to the increasing exposure of environmental health, noise regulations and the negative impact noise can have in residential communities. According to a study carried out by The University of Sheffield and Imperial College London, the UK’s acoustics industry contributes £4.6 billion to the economy. The study highlights and identifies the increasing importance of the UK’s acoustic industry.

Figure 1: Data from the report conducted in 2019

In brief, acoustics relates to the science of controlling or manipulating the effects of sound and is perhaps overlooked as being a serious career pathway. This could be a direct consequence of the lack of awareness surrounding the different job roles in acoustics and the progression that the profession offers. The industry directly involves consultation, design and engineering; and spans multiple different business sectors including environmental, commercial, industrial and construction.

Wakefield Acoustics is a leading contributor to the acoustics industry in the UK, dealing with noise control solutions for a wide range of clientele. We have seen a growth that relates to the whole acoustics industry in the past 12 months and will hopefully continue to do so in the coming financial year.

My experience of working in the acoustics industry proves that no day or project is the same. This keeps the workload stimulating and has allowed me to continually learn and develop my skills. Although there are a lot of challenges to overcome, it makes all the hard work worthwhile when we receive positive feedback from our customers. In my opinion, it is an exciting time to have a career in this diverse but often overlooked field.

Written by Callum Wild

Technical Sales Engineer

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