Food & Drink Case Study — Acoustic Enclosure for Food and Drinks Factory


A full acoustic enclosure was supplied for a decanter separator for a UK-based savoury snack manufacturer. The machine was to be housed within a production space, and as such, noise mitigation measures were required to be implemented.

The enclosure measured approx. 4m long x 1.7m wide x 2.1m high, and was supplied as a 1-piece drop-over unit, complete with certified lifting lugs.

For general maintenance access, the enclosure was supplied with a pair of sliding acoustic doors to one end, along with hinged access panels to the side walls. Ventilation was provided via a plate-mounted axial fan and acoustically lined cowl on the side wall of the unit.


Manufacturer’s noise data suggested an untreated noise level of 87-90dBA, and the enclosure was designed to provide a nominal reduction of 12-15dBA in order to ensure operational noise levels below the current lower exposure action level of 80dBA.

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