Festivals and noise

9th May 2023

Festivals and noise

Wakefield Acoustics

Author: Wakefield Acoustics – Noise Control Specialists | Last Updated: May 2023

Festivals and noise

Whatever your position on the Royal family, you have to admit the Coronation weekend was a huge success, with the pomp and ceremony you would expect with a British Royal occasion. This was also capped off with a fantastic concert on Sunday night at Windsor Castle. Were you lucky enough to be able to attend?

With concerts of this nature and thinking ahead as we approach music festival season (Glastonbury, Parklife and Leeds to name a few), revellers have a fantastic time listening to their favourite bands. However, it is not always great for everyone, especially the neighbours who have to put up with hoards of people, litter, and also high levels of noise which can lead to disturbance well into the late-night hours.

Such events are meticulously planned for months in advance, with various controls put in place, including those for noise emissions. These controls would normally include noise limits at site boundaries and curfew times for last events in order to reduce the level of disturbance to neighbouring residents.

Whilst there is little for Wakefield Acoustics to assist with in reducing noise from such events, we are well aware of the adverse effects of high levels of environmental noise on our lives whether this be from open air concerts, vehicular movements or industrial noise. In extreme circumstances, continued exposure to noise can lead to stress, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, heart disease, and many other health problems.

So as we enjoy our time in various celebrations or other music events over the summer months, let us not be too disappointed that the music ends too soon, or is not as loud as we like, as these protections are in place to help reduce disturbance and potential effects on our neighbours.

Additionally, should your company be faced with environmental noise issues of an industrial nature, Wakefield Acoustics have the experience in resolving the most complex of industrial noise problems.

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