Innovations in Noise Control

28th March 2023

Author: Wakefield Acoustics – Noise Control Specialists | Last Updated: April 2023

The team at Wakefield Acoustics like to think that we bring innovations to the noise control market, so much so, that one of our company statements reads ‘We deliver innovative acoustic solutions so people can live and work in an improved environment with a better quality of life’.

When we think of innovations, we imagine the next episode of Dragons Den with entrepreneurs showcasing their latest range of revolutionary products. So, what have been the latest innovations in industrial noise control? Well, to be honest, there haven’t been many. Industrial noise control relies on the same principles of absorption, sound reduction, resonance (in the case of silencer technology), and products such as acoustic enclosures, attenuators and acoustic containers remain largely the same today as they did decades ago. Whilst we regularly invest time in product development and diversification (which do bring some level of functionality and performance improvements) the core principle of industrial noise control solutions have not changed vastly for some time.

Innovative Noise Control Solutions

So why do we consider ourselves to be innovative? Innovation to us is all about the application of the product to solve a problem. Within the field of industrial noise control, rarely are two jobs the same. Each project has its own unique challenges of access, ventilation, maintenance and structural support, let alone the tight spaces we have to squeeze our solutions into. To us, this application engineering is as much about innovation, as is trying to develop the next great product range.

Whilst it is great to have aspirations of discovering the next great revolutionary product, we do like to think we are bringing change to the world by innovation in our own way. For the workers who are not exposed to high noise levels day in, day-out, and the neighbours who are not kept awake at night by noise from the nearby factory, we change their world, and that is where our innovation truly comes into play.

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