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26th January 2023

Author: Wakefield Acoustics – Noise Control Specialists | Last Updated: April 2023

CECO Environmental Corp Acquires Wakefield Acoustics

Earlier this month we announced the exciting news that Wakefield Acoustics was acquired by CECO Environmental, and become part of a global organisation under the ‘Thermal Acoustics’ business platform. CECO are a leading environmentally focused, diversified industrial company whose solutions protect people, the environment, and industrial equipment.

The news was welcomed by all employees at Wakefield Acoustics, especially given that we share the same core values as CECO in protecting the environment and people through the design and implementation of our industrial noise control solutions.

So the question is – ‘what changes at Wakefield Acoustics’? Well, the answer is not a great deal really. Wakefield Acoustics will trade under the same name since our foundation in 1980. We will continue to provide quality acoustic products manufactured from our facility in West Yorkshire. And, we will continue with the same management, sales, engineering and production teams. What is really exciting about this new venture is that Wakefield Acoustics now become part of a larger team, with an international platform, further expanding the opportunities for us to bring our skills and expertise in reducing and controlling industrial noise.

As we now operate under the ‘Thermal Acoustics’ banner, we will work closely with our new colleagues in CECO Burgess-Aarding, a leader in industrial silencer technologies, with a history dating back to the early 1900’s. Wakefield Acoustics products are complementary to those of Burgess-Aadring and allow us to provide combined noise reduction solutions for larger industrial and power generation sites.

Whilst additional market opportunities may open up for Wakefield Acoustics with the recent acquisition, our core focus still remains on serving the UK market for our core industries of power generation, oil and gas, construction, waste water and general industrial manufacturing.

Should you wish to find out more about the recent acquisition, or alternatively on our products and services, please call the office, or drop us an email at noise@wakefieldacoustics.co.uk

Wakefield Acoustics has extensive experience in providing bespoke solutions for general industrial applications: