Power Generation Case Study — Acoustic containers

Acoustic container installation for use in the capacity market.


Acoustically insulated containers for gas engines for use in the capacity market.


Design, supply and installation of a series of acoustic containers with overall dimensions of 12m long x 3m wide x 3m high. The complete unit is designed to be lifted from the welded baseplate complete with the 21-ton engine installed.

Wall panels are profiled for additional rigidity during movement and transportation of the full assembly.


The acoustic container is supplied with short cased axial ventilation fans and inlet/exhaust attenuation to suit the required noise levels. Containers are fitted out with lighting and gas detectors within the Wakefield Acoustics factory. Pipe stubs and flanges for the engine exhaust and cooling systems are welded into the container roof, for ease of connection of pipework.


The high-specification acoustic containers were designed to reduce noise from the engine to 65dBA at one metre.

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