Petrochem Case Study — Kursinayah FGD Plant, Saudi Arabia


Noise attenuation package for industrial blower units

Application Details:

Flue Gas Desulphurisation Plant, Saudi Arabia

Supply Scope:

Noise reduction measures were supplied for a total of 7 no. blower items associated with an FGD plant. Each package consisted of an acoustic enclosure, inlet filter silencer, discharge pipe silencer and blow-off silencer.

The items were manufactured to API specifications, with discharge silencers being certified ASME VIII pressure vessels as per the project requirements.

The enclosures were supplied with fully framed side walls and roof in flat pack form for assembly on site.

Discharge and Blow-off silencers were treated with high-temperature paint finish to suit the typical operating temperatures of approx. 150oC

Product Selection and Performances:

All equipment was selected to reduce noise levels to 80dBA

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