Power Generation Case Study — Power plant

Acoustic ventilation units installation at a power plant.


Acoustic ventilation units for a power plant.


Design, supply and installation of inlet ventilation units and outlet attenuation with ductwork for two gas engine cells in the power plant. The inlet ventilation units comprised of hinged weather louvres, filtration, attenuators, motorised dampers and ventilation fans.

In order to allow for simple on-site installation, the entire acoustic solution was factory assembled on a steel base frame. Wall panels were profiled for additional rigidity during movement and transportation of the full assembly.

Outlet ventilation for each cell comprised of motorised dampers, acoustically insulated duct bends, attenuation and weather louvres.

Wakefield Acoustics scope of supply also included lifting beams for engine maintenance, which were load tested on site.


The one-piece inlet ventilation modules were fully factory assembled, and fixed to a base frame complete with lifting lugs to allow the entire unit to be offloaded and installed within a short timeframe. This assisted with the client’s site programme.


The high-specification ventilation systems were designed to reduce noise from the engine to 65dBA at one metre.

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