Industrial Case Study — Plastic Manufacturing Plant, UK


Stack Silencer and Fan Enclosures

Application Details:

Plastic Manufacturing Facility

Supply Scope:

The fan enclosures were approximately 3.6m long x 2.8m wide and 2.6m high and were fitted with quick release access panels and also designed as fully demountable for all types of maintenance purposes.

The stack silencer being some 2.5m long and circa 2.4m Square was manufactured from a fully welded thick plate 304 stainless steel and was externally lagged halfway to reduce casing breakout. The stiffened construction complete with square to round to suit 2.0m diameter outlet was designed with the capability to withstand the compression load of the stack above.

The acoustic media was wrapped in ‘Melinex’ moisture resistant membrane

Product Selection and Performances:

The enclosures and the stack silencer were selected to reduce the equipment noise levels to 75dB(A) either 1 metre from the fan or 1 metre from the open air outlet whilst handling in excess of 83000 NM3/hr.

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