Power Generation Case Study — Peaking power plant


Peaking power plant

Application Details:

Ventilation modules for large power plant

Supply Scope:

Supply and installation of 11 no. inlet and outlet ventilation modules. Inlet units approx. 3.6m wide x 3.6m high x 4.0m long. Outlet units approx. 3.0m wide x 3.0m deep x 3.7m high (including penthouse louvre). Each engine cell was also fitted with acoustic doors and closure panels, supplied by Wakefield Acoustics.

Special Requirements:

The inlet ventilation modules were designed as a 1-piece, factory assembled unit to assist with a quick site installation. Each of the units included 6 no. axial fans, motorised dampers, acoustic splitters for noise reduction, filtration and inlet weather louvres. Outlet ventilation units comprised of a motorised damper, acoustic splitters and penthouse louvre. The design of each ventilation module included a lifting frame arrangement to allow units to be crane lifted into position.

Product Selection and Performances:

Engine noise levels were typically around 105dBA, and the ventilation modules were designed to reduce noise to 70dBA at 1m.

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