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Planning and Environmental Noise Control

22nd July 2021

By: Wakefield Acoustics – Industrial Noise Control Specialists | Last Updated: April 2023 The continued expansion of industrial, commercial and residential buildings in or around our towns and cities raises concerns about potential disruption from noise. The potential negative...

Wakefield Acoustics receives recertification for our QHSE procedures

6th July 2021

Wakefield Acoustics is thrilled to have received recertification for our QHSE procedures. Overseen by Deborah Robshaw, we have received our latest ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001 certification. We are proud of the whole team efforts in achieving this, and...

The importance of a detailed acoustic analysis for noise control

1st July 2021

There are significant implications (financial, regulatory, planning hurdles or public perception) for businesses, industry and developers who either operate or intend to install assets which emit noise, and where the acoustic assessments are not sufficiently competent or detailed. Before...