Industrial Case Study — Flooring manufacturing site, Derbyshire

Acoustic attenuators, acoustic plant screen and acoustic door installation at a flooring manufacturing site in Derbyshire.


Environmental noise from a blower room and a new chiller was causing problems at a flooring manufacturing facility in Derbyshire. The blower room was producing low frequency noise, which needed to be addressed before the plant could be run for a proposed 24-hours a day period.


Design, supply and installation of an assortment of high-specification acoustic solutions, including acoustic attenuators, an acoustic screen and acoustic door, to reduce noise and employee risk.


In order to effectively combat noise, a selection of acoustic solutions were designed and installed. Due to the high level of noise reduction required, acoustic attenuators, complete with weather louvres, were designed to extend out of the wall of the blower room.

To further reduce noise, the existing wooden plant room door was removed and replaced with a high-performance steel acoustic door. Whilst an acoustic screen was also installed around the chiller, further mitigating noise and blocking the direct line of sight to local residents.


The acoustic attenuators were designed to deliver an estimated nominal noise reduction of 20dBA, whilst the acoustic screen was developed to produce a nominal 5-10dBA reduction. Such a reduction will enable the flooring manufacturer to operate plant for a 24-hour period.

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