Recycling and Waste To Energy Case Study — Waste to Energy Plant, UK


Waste to Energy Plant, UK


Acoustic Enclosures and Inlet and Discharge Silencers


A series of pre-galvanised acoustic enclosures and acoustic attenuators for large industrial fans were designed and manufactured for this large waste to energy plant. The enclosures incorporated a series of hinged and removable access panels along with an attenuated ventilation system.

Duct mounted attenuators were designed to suit the system operational temperatures and pressures with external casings being fabricated from materials up to 8mm thickness.

Project Performance:

Equipment was selected to comply with stringent acoustic performances to meet environmental noise limits. Overall performance requirements for the individual items ranged from 36dB(A) to 38 dB(A) reduction which were checked and verified by the clients independent project acoustic consultant.

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