Power Generation Case Study — Power Station, UK


UK Power Station

Application Details:

Power Station Generator Transformer Enclosure

Supply Scope:

Full acoustic enclosure approx. 14m long x 8.4 deep x 6m high complete with frame, walk on roof, galvanised access staircase and GRP handrailing to roof.

Special Requirements:

Due to the clients requirements for a quickly demountable construction in the event of equipment failure, the front wall and front roof section were designed as a large fully framed sections to assist with dismantling and re-assembly. The full internal structural frame of the enclosure ensured structural integrity of the housing during this potential partial removal.

Product Selection and Performances:

Typical enclosures designed to reduce noise levels to 65dB(A) at 1m based upon engine noise levels of 97 -100 dB(A)

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