Water & Waste Water Case Study — Stoke Bardolf WWTW, UK


Stoke Bardolf WWTW, Severn Trent

Application Details:

Centrifuge Acoustic Enclosure

Supply Scope:

The acoustic enclosures which were in excess of 6.0m long were manufactured utilising mild steel rolled hollow section members with complimentary panels comprising a steel outer skin, mineral wool protected by a melinex water resistant membrane and a perforated plate.

Access via hinged slide acoustic screens was incorporated with quick release toggle fasteners. The roof panels were fixed into peripheral framework which could be removed using an overhead crane for major maintenance.

The unit included a built in ventilation system comprising an axial flow fan unit powered by a motor wound to suit a 415V 3PH – 50Hz motor to Wimes 3.03 and associated air inlet and outlet silencers selected to reduce both fan and centrifuge noise in line with specified requirements.

Product Selection and Performances:

The overall enclosure system was designed to reduce the omitted noise levels by 10/12 dB(A).

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